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Daytrippers: The Wine Press

Sip…savor…and start your adventure in winemaking, at the wine press in North Haven…where this Daytripper can actually become a recurring daytrip for you and your wine loving friends throughout the year.

It starts by people coming in and trying our wine and seeing what they like to make and when they come back in we have their grapes ready to crush.

At The Wine Press, they have two seasons. A California season which starts in September and a Chilean season which is right now.

Once you pick your grapes, the work begins.

Over the next few months…your wine will age…in a barrel that will eventually lead to a vintage year for you and your friends.

“Over the next 3 to 4 months and we invite them back to rack and rocking simply means taking the wind out of here cleaning out the barrels and putting the wine back in” says Lori Iannucci.

“They come in four times and the last time is bottling and that’s the most fun”

And of course, tasting the fruits of your labor! Cheers!

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