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Officials warn parents about leaving kids and pets in cars

VERNON --- As the temperatures get warmer outside, a reminder for adults to not leave children in cars whether on purpose or accidentally.

‘The thing that typically leads to something like this often is distraction and also a change of routine,” AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter said.

A record number of 52 children died in the U.S. last year due to hot car related incidents.

Senator Richard Blumenthal reintroduce a bill called the Hot Cars Act to help prevent deaths.

“All car manufacturers must have standard equipment, a warning or alert system that will tell parents when there is a child or dog in the back seat,” Senator Richard Blumenthal said

Leaders are also reminding parents that under no circumstance should you leave a child or animal in the car even if it’s for a quick errand. Temperatures inside a car can get to dangerous levels within just minutes so simply cracking the window open not enough.

AAA suggests things like incorporating reminders for yourself if your routine changes with your children.

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