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Hamden residents impacted by the tornado asking for financial help one year later

HAMDEN - It has been over one year since a tornado ripped through the neighborhoods of Hamden, leaving not only severe damages but families displaced.

Those impacted residents are still recovering financially.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see the way this has adversely impacted people,” said Councilman Brad MacDowall of the 9th District.

Several people raised their hands after they were asked how many were still displaced.

Council Brad MacDowall said he was shocked to see the number of people  who are still living elsewhere one year later.

“This has been a big financial burden for people. People have emptied their savings account to remove trees just so they can get in and out of their driveway,” added Councilman MacDowall.

The town assessor along with council members invited impacted residents to West Woods School to have a discussion about the options for receiving financial help.

The crowd was up in arms over the impact the tornado has had on their property value.

Alan Edelman said his home was originally surrounded by trees. Most of those trees are damaged. However, he has had to pay out of his own pockets to clean the debris because he said insurance does not cover it since the trees did not fall on his home.

“At least 60 thousand and we have another 30 to 40 to go and there’s even more beyond that but we’re going to stop at that point so maybe 80 thousand, 90 thousand out of pocket,” said Edelman of Hamden.

Others argued they should not have to continue to pay such high taxes since a chunk of their savings accounts have been sent towards clean up.

Bill Luty owned a log cabin-style home in Hamden that was once destroyed. He is now hoping the town will work with its residents so they will not have to move.

“I’m asking for a reduction in taxes because I pay a high tax rate and that’s the other problem which is trying to sell a house in Hamden. Nobody wants to live in Hamden. They live in north haven or elsewhere where the tax rate is much lower,” said Luty of Hamden.

Councilors suggested residents sign up for a reassessment or a repeal of a reassessment no later than October as a next step forward.

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