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Meal House: Arak Shrimp

Recipe provided by Zohara Mediterranean Kitchen.

Arak shrimp. For 4 ppl

U-15 shrimp 8 each 2 per person as a mezze

Olive oil 1 1/2 ounce

Dried red chili 2 each broken in thirds

Garlic 2 cloves sliced thin

Aleppo pepper 1 teaspoon

Zataar spice 1 teaspoon

Red pepper diced 1 medium pepper

Arak 2 ounce Butter 1 tablespoon

Cilantro leaves

Salt to taste



Marinate shrimp in Aleppo and Zataar at least 1 hour

Salt shrimp each side

Heat sauté pan and add olive oil

Add shrimp and sear, add diced peppers

Once the shrimp are turned add garlic cook until light golden then add chilies

Add Arak off the burner the place back on to flame off alcohol

Immediately add butter, add salt generous pinch

And swirl into shrimp off the burner you do not want to boil the butter arak sauce

Toss in cilantro leaves and plate

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