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I-395 at exit 2 to be closed for up to 2 weeks

WATERFORD -- Two major bridge reconstruction projects will snarl traffic over the next couple of weekend, including the replacement of the bridge deck on I-395 northbound in Waterford, which will create a delicate situation for police.

From 6 PM Friday night until 6 PM, Monday, June 10, northbound traffic will be diverted off of the highway, at exit 2, and across the always busy Route 85, which will remain open. The only way this can be achieved is by managing the traffic lights with precision during heavy traffic times.

“We will maintain some close communication with the Waterford Police Department to try to you know maintain the safety of everyone and just make sure that that there’s no major incidents here,” said Sgt. Al Gosselin, of the Connecticut State Police.

“We have three cops up here 24/7, said Lt. Stephen Belllos of the Waterford Police Department. “So, they will be running the lights. There will also be a rover because we expect some delays further down route 85.”

About a 10th of a mile from the construction scene is the long time home of Yost Home Improvements and Manufacturing, whose owner says over 500 vehicles pass his business every hour.

“You combine that with the interruption of all the traffic coming off of 395 and cutting across Route 85 and it’s going to be near impossible not to have a traffic jam,” said George Yost.

Of course, Route 85 jams up with beachgoers at this time of year. But, if you would normally take I-395 north, into Norwich, you might instead consider stayibh on I-95 north and pick up Route 32 north in New London.

“I’ve already given instructions to all of my employees on an alternate route to get in here and hopefully that’ll work,” said Yost

He has also provided given suppliers and commercial customers that same alternate route, “but, unfortunately, I’m just going to have to suffer for the next 10 days,” said Yost.

There will be 10 more days, July 19-29, to redo the southbound side of the bridge.

“Well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it,” said Yost, with no pun intended.

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