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Police take DNA swab from missing woman’s estranged husband

Fotis Dulos leaves the Jefferson Crossing neighborhood in Farmington, escorted by State Police

FARMINGTON — State Police collected DNA from Jennifer Dulos’ estranged husband Fotis Dulos on Friday, a source told FOX61 Saturday.

New Canaan police confirmed their criminal investigation “does involve securing search warrants.” The department would not go into detail about what items are listed on the search warrants.

A source told FOX61 that one warrant was a body warrant, another will give police access to Dulos’ Jefferson Crossing home.

Dulos was seen driving away from his Farmington home in the middle of a State Police motorcade Friday evening. A source said that motorcade was taking Dulos to execute the body warrant. A buccal swab of DNA from Dulos’ cheek was taken, as well has a hair sample, the source told FOX61. We’re told an attorney was present during the procedure and no questioning took place.

The Hartford Courant was first to report about the warrants, citing sources.

New Canaan and State Police are investigating Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance as a missing person case with a concurrent criminal investigation to see if she is a victim of foul play.

The criminal investigation brought police to Hartford’s Upper Albany Friday afternoon searching storm drains, dumpsters and trash cans for evidence. The Hartford Fire Department said nothing was found in the Albany Avenue storm drain when they assisted in the search.

The search happened after most of the trash had been picked up for the day. Friday was trash pickup day in the Northern section of Hartford. It was also the first trash pickup since Jennifer’s disappearance on the previous Friday.

There are several city-owned surveillance cameras in the Upper Albany area of Hartford. A source said those cameras are what led police to the neighborhood. Employees at Scott’s Jamaican bakery on Albany told FOX 61 that State Police had asked to see the business’ surveillance video.

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