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FedEx driver’s gift helps West Hartford family cope with the loss of beloved pet

WEST HARTFORD -- A package delivery driver's act of kindness is helping one local family cope with the loss of a beloved pet.

Marisa Crean said her regular FedEx driver would deliver a package to her family every Saturday. Josh, the driver, would always have a treat for her dog, Casey.

"Even if he did not see her he would leave a treat for her on top of our shipment.  My dog would know what day it was and wait for him at the door or on the lawn to say hello," said Crean.

Sadly, Casey passed away at the end of April. She was 13 years old. "I broke the news to [Josh] and he was heartbroken since he had such a bond with her every week.  I know it was the highlight of our pup's Saturday, and I'm sure it was his as well."

Last Saturday, Josh stopped by with his delivery, and something extra. He handed Marisa's fiance a gift bag.

"Inside the bag was a beautiful paw print memorial to put in our garden outside with a lovely poem about losing your beloved pet.  This was by far completely unexpected and shows the heart that this man has. He did this on his own not wanting anything in return. He had mentioned how he had lost his 14 year old dog a year ago and felt terrible for us as he knew the hurt we were going through.  He too had no children, so his pup was his child too."

"Honestly, I could not believe when I saw it that someone who I see briefly once a week (if that!), would have the heart to give, essentially a stranger, something so touching."

Marisa plans on contacting FedEx to make sure the company knows their employee went the extra mile.

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