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FARMINGTON -- Michelle Troconis and her attorney met with State Police in Westport Thursday afternoon.

What Went on behind closed doors is unknown, but according to high-profile defense attorney Jim Bergenn, the state police had a lot to gain including a timeline of events.

“That’s everything," said Bergenn. "That’s the most important thing because you can have a lot of forensic evidence but that doesn’t tell you when things happened. You want the sequence.”

For Troconis, Bergenn believes this meeting couldn’t be to cut a deal. He also thinks there is no reason she would be combative with police, rather it would be to build her credibility by being totally cooperative.

“It would be malpractice for a defense attorney to put a client together with law-enforcement without a complete expectation of cooperation,” said Bergenn.

In a meeting like this Police are looking for probable cause and a sequence of events. The whole time paying attention to the culpability of Troconis and the planning involved.

“Her job is simply to be as accurate and as trustworthy as she can be. Never overstate. Never understate. Just be spot on,” said Bergenn.

His advice to her now, is to simply lay low.

"It’s possible that these things got out of control and she really did not see them coming in advance," said Bergenn. "She may have really been captured if you will buy her circumstances."

Bergenn believes what was said behind closed doors could be just as damaging to Fotis Dulos as the surveillance video police say captured him along Albany Avenue. He believes the uphill battle could have just gotten a lot worse.

“It’s going to be a lot of work," said Bergenn. “You are going to have to impeach her.”

From there Bergenn believes it will be fighting to prove Dulos was unstable when all of the events unfolded between him and his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos. That whatever happened between the two is not as it seems.

“I would be talking to mental health professionals trying to find what the key drivers are that will help explain how he could have been so out of it with rage,” said Bergann.

Then there is the surveillance video of what police say shows a person matching Fotis’ description dropping off bags along Albany avenue containing Jennifer’s bloodied clothes.

“We don’t fight evidence you can’t fight,” said Bergann. "There are some facts you are gonna lose no matter what you do. Your job as a lawyer is to earn credibility so you win as many as the ties as you can."

Bergenn doesn’t believe Fotis cutting a deal at this point will be well received. He suggests waiting until all the facts on the case are out before building a defense.

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