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Governor reflects and lays foundation for next session

HARTFORD — Fresh off the final night of the regular legislative session, Governor Ned Lamont is reflecting on what was done and what wasn’t.

The regular session ended at midnight Wednesday with an address by the Governor and then an after party in the Governors Office.

On Thursday, the Governor talked to us on a more personal level about what he learned in his first session under the gold dome. “I see a problem and I want to solve it,” said Governor Lamont. “Sometimes I’m in a bit of a rush. And this place, I’ve never heard the phrase it’s a talker! Sometimes people don’t want to make a decision, or they want to talk it to death or they want to study it to death.”

The Governor touted wins on big bills like the minimum wage and paid family leave, but he also talked about some less publicized achievements like wind power. “This is the beginning of our energy independence,” he said. 5-G connectivity. “This state could be one of the first high speed internet 5G states in the country,” said the Governor. And minority teacher recruitment. “Opportunity to have a teacher who looks something like themselves,” said Gov. Lamont.

He acknowledged disappointments like the CT option healthcare bill that died. “Well it’s not a success,” he said.

And he talked about the work that still needs to be done. Sports betting and a Bridgeport casino. “I want a deal that A, gets us out of the legal muck, B is global so it deals with sports betting and internet gambling and C has some facility for Bridgeport.”

There will be a special session on tolls. Sen. Fasano left the door open to compromise. FOX61 asked the Governor if he is willing to do that same. “Let’s talk. You know me.”

It was the Governors rookie season. I asked leaders to grade him. “It’s a B+,” said Speaker Aresimowicz. “Maybe even a D,” said House Minority Leader Themis Klarides. The Governor didn’t want to grade himself, but his Lieutenant Governor did. “A grade? I don’t think you can ask the student to self-grade himself,” said the Governor. Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz said, “I’ll give the Governor an A.”

The Governor said he will be sitting down with leaders over the next couple of weeks, but didn’t say when the special session may take place. 

He did call the deal with the tribes, quote, “half baked” saying it might not be ready to do in a special session.

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