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Movie tax credits, space, leave Connecticut at disadvantage in race to snag Georgia productions

Photo by Sheila Fenton

Story by Elizabeth Perkin

After Gov. Ned Lamont’s invitation to Netflix, Disney, and AMC seeing if they would consider producing movies and television here in Connecticut, does Connecticut have the resources and space for them to come here?

After Georgia passed on one the most restrictive abortion laws in the country,  top studio executives are rethinking their partnerships with the state of Georgia.

Georgia currently has nine facilities with over 75 purpose-built stages. According to Georgia Film Office, “The state offers over 1.1 million square feet of purpose built soundstages, 1.2 million square feet of retrofitted soundstage space. And there’s more on the way.” There are also thousands of properties throughout the state with a variety of topography.

Connecticut has eight studio spaces across the state. There are many different venues outside of the studios for companies to produce films and television shows. It also has similar scenery to Georgia.

One of the biggest draws to Georgia for production companies is the 20% tax credit offered for projects done in state, with an additional 10% uplift for adding the state’s logo to the production.

Connecticut has similar tax credits for production companies. They can receive a 10-30% tax credit, depending on the production expenses or costs.

Georgia is home to the busiest airport in the country, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with thousands of domestic and international flights everyday.

Connecticut has a number of airports nearby including Bradley International Airport, Tweed-New Haven in state, and Westchester County Airport, John F. Kennedy International, and LaGuardia Airport nearby.

The Georgia Film Academy allows people the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to get jobs in the local productions. The academy says, “People learn everything from set construction to lighting to production accounting to makeup and catering.”

In Connecticut there are programs offered at colleges and universities.

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