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Gov. Lamont meets with UTC workers to spell out job assurances

EAST HARTFORD — Governor Ned Lamont met with UTC workers Wednesday to reassure them that Connecticut is fighting to protect their jobs.

The Governor says he chatted with both the CEOs of UTC and Otis Elevator. He says he’s confident this corporate relocation isn’t a precursor to a larger upheaval. UTC CEO Greg Hayes told the Governor 19,000 Connecticut workers are staying put.

Governor Ned Lamont met with UTC workers at Augie and Rays Drive In Restaurant in East Hartford. Gov. Lamont said, “We have the best trained and most productive workforce in the world and Pratt & Whitney is where it is on purpose and their going to be adding over 1,000 jobs.”

The UTC news came just days after Connecticut gunmaker Stag Arms said they’d be leaving the state for a more gun friendly environment. Gov. Ned Lamont responded, “Well if they want me to change all the gun safety laws in order to keep them here, they can think again.”

While the UTC workers are staying. 100 of their highest paying executive jobs are heading to Massachusetts where UTC will set up its new headquarters as it merges with Raytheon.

Mark Natti from Pratt & Whitney told Fox 61 he’s not worried. They have a backlog of engines. “We’ve got work for the next 20 years.” UTC continues to hire. “Adding like crazy here. Both hourly and salary so the overall take for Connecticut I think will be net positive.”

Some workers like Mary White from Collins Aerospace are nervous. “Two years from now it’s like are they just going to take their money, go and leave us with nothing at all. These people who work for them live paycheck to paycheck,” said White.

Fresh off a phone call with the CEO of UTC spinoff company, Otis Elevator, the Governor said they are staying in Connecticut. “My job is to make sure that you stay here and if I can do anything in terms of job training, workforce, executive recruitment. What you need to make sure this is a place you can thrive.”

Governor Lamont told Fox 61 he had no prior knowledge of UTC wanting to relocate their corporate headquarters.

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