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U.S. Womens soccer team lopsided win draws criticism from the crowd

WEST HARTFORD – After the United States Women’s Soccer Team defeated Thailand in an 13-0 drubbing there has been a public outcry about piling the goals on.

Steve Boyle, who runs West Hartford based 2-4-1 Sports and is an authority on youth sports and protocols said, “We shouldn’t be beating people 13-0.”

Boyle, who just returned from Lyon, France after watching Team Jamaica play, added, “the U.S. knew they were going to win but the tournament is set up for goal differential.”

Boyle, who speaks around the world on various topics related to youth sports said that such a lopsided win on such a big stage deserves to be scrutinized.

“I think the challenge is how do we take what we see at the pro (World Cup) and college level and then translate it to youth and high school so we have an appropriate experience on the ends of it.”

Boyle continued to say that, “beating someone 13-0 is like an NBA game being like 160-12, it’s crossing that line of you don’t need to do this.”

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