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Person who worked for Fotis Dulos’ company being questioned by police

FARMINGTON – Authorities have been in a number of cities and towns across Connecticut searching for Jennifer Dulos.

Fotis Dulos is out on bond and the attorney for Dulos said his client is innocent. Attorney Norm Pattis sat down with FOX61 on Thursday to explain why police have their eye on the wrong guy. In the interview, he argued Dulos has an alibi for the day Jennifer disappeared.

“I know a tradesman of his was up in the area that day driving that very truck. Is it really Mr. Dulos in the car?” said Pattis.

Police said Hartford surveillance cameras captured someone who looks like Dulos driving what appeared to be a Ford Raptor on May 24th, the day Jennifer disappeared. However, Pattis argued just because it looks like Dulos does not mean it is him.

Pattis also questioned the timeline between the hours of when Jennifer disappeared and when the Ford Raptor was spotted in Hartford that same day.

“Can you get from Farmington to New Canaan and back and kill somebody and clean up an extensive mess in the garage which included a lot of blood and spatter on a couple of cars, dispose of a body, how can all of that get accomplished in broad daylight in four and a half hours without a witness?” added Pattis.

FOX61 has learned a third person who works for Dulos’ company, Fore Group is now being questioned. Their attorney told FOX61 that the un-named person is cooperating with police.

“We’re looking at the possibility of foul play in someone else`s hands,” added Pattis.

Earlier this week, prosecutors revealed they found Dulos’ DNA mixed with Jennifer’s blood in her kitchen sink in New Canaan.

Pattis told FOX61 his client was at the house two days before Jennifer disappeared, playing basketball with his children, but did not go inside the house. He went on and said the DNA found inside the house could very well be what is called “transfer DNA” which means Dulos may have had contact with people who then touched the sink.

Insistent on the fact that Dulos never went to New Canaan on May 24th and rather stayed within Farmington, his team is working on an independent investigation that could revolve around this specific speculation.

“We believe we can demonstrate with credible evidence that Mr. Dulos is in his home in Farmington until just about at least nine,” added Pattis.

Despite Dulos returning to his Farmington home on Tuesday, investigators are not stopping.

On Wednesday, a pond in Avon was their focus. Drone footage from Sky 61 caught police pulling out the divers who were searching under the water.

The pond is privately owned and is known for water skiing, an activity Dulos and his children participate in.

Dulos is currently being monitored through a GPS bracelet. Police are urging anyone with information, no matter how small to come forward.

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