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Charity Drive; The Klingberg Vintage Motorcar show

NEW BRITAIN -- They work to help 20 different programs for children and families and, this time of year, the Klingberg Center in New Britain has some serious horsepower behind it.

Antique cars by the dozens; Model T’s, Buicks, Hupmobiles – Saturday will mark the 27th annual Vintage Motorcar Show.

The scene is being set for Klingberg’s premiere fundraiser of the year. Mark Johnson, the vice president of Klingberg Famliy Centers said, “this (car show) is a real family event and having it on Father’s Day weekend, we are all about families and we want to encourage fathers and kids to be together.”

Gail Lebert, Klingberg’s director of partnership and development said, “the cars themselves, every one of them has a story and what is fascinating is to walk around the show and talk to the car owners.”

To find out more about the Klingberg Vintage Auto show click here.

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