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A “Night to Remember” for children and families on the Spectrum

NEWINGTON - A special night, for some special kids.

“I like to sing, to dance, to talk and twirl,” said Mona Moshi.

"It really feels good," said Jordan Kates. "I don’t feel uncomfortable or nervous because I’m kind of in the same boat as they are."

Autism Families CONNECTicut held its annual prom for teens with Autism. The prom is a part of their monthly teen night social events meant to provide teens with autism a chance to interact with others like any other child.

"I just felt like kids on the spectrum needed a place to go and have fun," said Jackie Procyk Co-Founder of Autism Families CONNECTicut.

The music, dancing, and activities are all designed to give participants a fun and safe environment to enjoy prom night at their own pace.

Like many other children on the spectrum, Moshi struggles socially. She didn’t get the chance to enjoy her high school prom like her classmates. Tonight she was accompanied by her sister Melody.

"It really warms my heart because I know she’s having a good time and interacting with other people. It’s a good feeling," said Melody Moshi.

The night isn’t just special for the kids. It’s also special for the families to see their loved ones dance the night away.

"It’s heartwarming," said Gladys Rivera. "The kids have fun while we’re all down here, having coffee. It’s like a safe haven."

Procyk co-founded Autism Families CONNECTicut for her, who is on the spectrum, 10 years ago. Tonight, he too enjoyed prom making the event that much more meaningful to her.

"It’s something I thought he would never be able to do so it really is a dream come true for us," said Procyk.

Autism Families CONNECTicut is located in Newington. For more information about their organization hed to autismfamiliesct.org.

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