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New Haven Board of Education votes down restructuring plan

NEW HAVEN -- Parents and teachers in New Haven had some victory Monday night after the Board of Education voted to cancel their restructuring plan that many had been rallying against.

The plan would have eliminated 53 teaching positions and moved those educators to openings elsewhere in the district. Even as applause filled the room after the board voted, people continued to share their concerns over what such a proposal could mean for the district moving forward.

“I’m really concerned about pretending like teachers are little pieces of puzzles that we can move around,” said Valerie Horsley, a mother of two children. “I am worried about the quality of education we’re gonna be able to give our kids here in New Haven.”

Opponents say students would be the ones to suffer from such a plan.

“It’s really the students losing out, not as much the teachers,” said Jessica Light, a third grade teacher at Worthington Hooker School.

Even recent graduates showed up in support of teachers.

“I recently graduated law school and I know I never would have made it that far if it wasn’t for the incredible teachers that I had,” said Erin Heltke, a 2013 graduate of Co-Op High School.

Teachers are also asking for an audit of the Board of Education and a detailed budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

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