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Lamont signs law enacting family and medical leave in Connecticut

HARTFORD  – Governor Ned Lamont held a bill signing ceremony Tuesday to sign a law that will enact a paid family and medical leave program in Connecticut.

The program begins on January 1, 2022, and workers in Connecticut will gain access to the necessary benefits that will allow them to take time off work to care for their own health, a newborn child, or a sick family member.

“Supporting the working families of our state will strengthen our economic footing and make Connecticut a stronger place to live, work, and do business,” Governor Lamont said. “Adopting this program means that workers who need to take time off for a new baby or recover from illness are not punished financially, and businesses do not risk losing good workers during those emergencies. Regardless of whether a public or private entity administers this program, there will be no profit motive to deny any applicant. We know working families are the backbone of our state. If they are not financially stable, Connecticut will never be.”

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