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NEWTOWN – The Delgado family from Newtown, CT is trying to make lives a little sweeter for folks who suffer from illnesses and disabilities.

Daniela Delgado, her mom, Janine and dad, Nemo created Daniela’s Little Wish when she was just four years old. Both Daniela and her mom suffer from a rare and severe genetic bleeding disorder and a connective tissue disorder. But it seems they’ve found the perfect ingredients in the kitchen.

Daniela’s mission is to spread joy and bake smiles for those who suffer from illnesses just like her.

She explained to FOX61’s Rachel Piscitelli “It was a sort of relief, it just helped it, it kind of is like how other people have to go to therapy and stuff, like that was my therapy bring joy to others, making people smile that’s, what helped me during those times”

But recently her family hit a roadblock. Their car they used to deliver the cakes no longer is drive-able. This has put a halt on the cake baking and delivering. A go fund me page has been created to help raise money for the family.

If you’d like to help the Delgado’s you can visit their Go-Fund me page, click here.

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