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ZERO Prostate Cancer 5k in Hartford raises more than $100,000

HARTFORD-- The 2019 ZERO Prostate Cancer 5k took place raising more than 100,000 dollars.

The money will go towards cancer research and much more.

Elliot Lane is a prostate cancer survivor and says his race started before the 5k, when he was going through treatments years ago which is why he says he is participating in the race to raise awareness.

Elliot Lane said, “You know that maybe later on down the road you can have prostate cancer before it’s too late, so i think it’s really great to you know make people aware of early detection and you can survive.”

Cancer survivors as well as other runners and walkers took the 5k path towards and around Bushnell Park to end right back at the Dunkin’ Doughnut’s Park.
The money raised will go to organizations across the country to help provide research for new treatments, free prostate cancer testing and educating families about the disease… men especially.

Elliot Lane said, “Men don’t like to go to see the doctor and we hit that magic age of 50, you know you should really get a blood test, and a PSA test and see what you’re doctor says is the best course of action.

Survivors say for anyone who may be facing prostate cancer now, hanging on to hope is the best way to get through the storms.

Tom Librizzi said, “Hang in there, just get good medical advice, do a lot of research yourself so you can understand what this disease is all about and what remedies are out there and get good medical advice.”

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