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Waterbury police announce large gang sweep, arrests in murder of mother of 4

WATERBURY -- A young mother was killed and another woman injured all due to what Waterbury Police have called a “targeted gang war” throughout the city.

Fransua Guzman was shot in the head and killed outside 17 Walnut Street in October 2018, leaving behind her four young children. Her friend, 54-year-old Darlene Mazon, was also shot and is now paralyzed.

Police have charged nine suspects in connection to Guzman's murder, as well as the assault on Mazon, after an extensive investigation lasting just as many months.

One suspect still on the run, D’Andre Burros, was described as "dangerous," according to police.

Officials reported that the six men and three juveniles are believed to be members of the so-called “960” gang.

Police said the adult suspects thought they saw a member of rival gang “Ave. Boys” on Walnut Street before shooting both victims. According to police, the same gang is tied to a significant spike in crime back in May 2017.

“Some of our investigators in the gang task force started making connections that there was a lot of familiarities [sic], a lot of weapons being used in the same shootings, a lot of familiar faces popping up in investigations,” Chief Spagnolo said.

Since then, the department’s Gang Task Force has investigated multiple incidents involving members from an array of Waterbury gangs, including Guzman’s murder.

Police said the investigation into gang-related incidents throughout the city is not over and that more arrests are expected soon.

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