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HARTFORD --  Fireworks are a symbol during the Fourth of July weekend, but if used improperly they can cause serious harm and/or damage to you and your property.

The Connecticut State Police demonstrating Tuesday afternoon the proper way to light and dispose of the fireworks.

Detective Paul Makuc from the state police explaining “only use CT legal fireworks, if you do use those follow manufacture instructions we recommend when lighting these items you place them on a noncombustible surface light only the wick provided and recommend using a long grill style lighter.”

The proper disposal of the legal fireworks is also important.

Once the firework is out it should be put in a bucket of water first to ensure it is completely out. In Connecticut, the misuse of fireworks has caused about 85 structural fires since 2015.

In the state, the use of fireworks that go aerial or explode are illegal here and could result in a fine or jail time. State police say the best way to ensure for a safe grand finale is to leave the fireworks to the professionals and attend a public firework display near you.

For a complete list of those firework shows, click here.

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