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Fotis Dulos emerges at Sturbridge Hill home to continue work

NEW CANAAN — The man charged in connection to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos was back at the New Canaan home he’s trying to sell Wednesday.

Kelsey Mottolese of New Canaan lives in the adjacent home. “He’s been here pretty consistently. Just finishing up and doing yard work. Sweeping up the house making sure everything is ready,” she said.

Moments later, Fotis Dulos and another man pulled into the driveway of the Sturbridge Hill home he’s building with his black Ford pickup at around noon Wednesday.

MATT: “Can you come chat with us?” 

MATT: “Can you come chat with our camera?”

He couldn’t hear us because of yard work in the neighborhood. He walked toward us and motioned me to the driveway. We shook hands.

MATT: “We just want to offer you an interview.” 

FOTIS: “Thank you but maybe go through my attorney?”

He made another request.

FOTIS: “Thank you guys.”

MATT: “Thanks very much.”

FOTIS: “Yeah please respect our privacy. It’s a very tough time for all of us.”

MATT: “Ok. Are you doing any work on the house today?”

FOTIS: “Yes we are doing work.”

As he walked away, he turned toward our camera. Making a frustrated gesture. He made several appearances throughout the day with a power saw, wet and dry vac and to collect things from his truck, while on the phone, occasionally turning back at our camera.

The police investigation surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos continues. “They’ve been here a few times checking our doorbell footage and all of that,” said Mottolese.

Police have received close to 1,000 tips. Neighbors wonder if the house will ever sell. “People have their different ideas of how it’s going to go. The price point and all of that but I guess we will just have to see. We’d like a new neighbor,” said Mottolese.

The mother of five is still missing. Not to be lost among the daily life of Fotis is the anguish of a family. “Sunday mass we are always putting up intentions for Jennifer and her family.” “People did Monday’s nights, candles on their doorsteps to honor her,” she said.

New Canaan 1st Selectman Kevin Moynihan who told Fox 61 their focus is on Jennifer’s family and the community. A recent forum with counselors at the library advised parents how to talk to their kids about the Dulos case.

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