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Wadsworth Falls State Park full within an hour of opening

MIDDLETOWN -- You were out of luck if you arrived at Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown an hour after they opened at 7 a.m. this Independence Day.

They were one of a few parks that filled up within minutes!

That didn’t stop people from enjoying the park -- many unloading their cars at the parks entrance and then driving around until they found a spot somewhere nearby.

“When we pulled up this morning we found out at the parking lot was full to capacity. We were like what are we gonna do, how are we going to unload all of our property. They were nice enough to let us unload but we still had to drive a few miles up the street just to park, and then walk all the way back down,” said Barbara Edwards of Hartford.

One homeowner who lives near Wadsworth Falls State Park was able to make a quick buck, while also helping out people who drove far to be here.

“It’s always been filled, the first year we were just cutting the grass and they were begging us can we just park, and they kept coming after that. A lot of them from out of state,” said Maria, a local homeowner.

They were able to fit 75 cars on their lawn before they had to start turning people away. Parking seem to be the only issue though, once people made it into the park it was all grilling and swimming on this sunny Independence Day.

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