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PD: Investigation underway after dogs believed to be sick from rat poison in New Haven

NEW HAVEN -- Several dog owners on Clark Street are on edge after their dogs got extremely sick from accidentally eating what appeared to be rat poison.

Neighbors have been trying o figure out who is intentionally leaving the poison out on the streets.

So far, nearly four dogs have been affected and one of the owners put up flyers on Clark Street to warn other owners.

"I woke up one morning and there were just pools of blood all around the house and looked like he had thrown it up," said Thomas Kadri of New Haven.

Kadri's fluffy, four-legged friend "Popover" ate out of the Tupperware containers in May thinking it was dog food.

"At that point, we also found these weird cans of cat food, opened cat food in our garden and so we started to get a little suspicious and then a few days ago, I went out into my backyard and found two opened Tupperware containers," added Kadri.

Days later, Popover was admitted to the ICU as he fought for his life. His vet later confirmed it was in fact, rat poison he ate and not dog or cat food.

Last month, Popover showed more signs of poisoning.

"What our dogs went through and how they almost died is just dreadful," added Kadri.

That is when Kadri put up flyers up and down Clark Street to warn other dog owners to be on the look out.

"I thought he had gained weight but it was apparently just bloating from gastrointestinal bleeding," said Christopher Burghoff of New Haven.

Kadri said New Haven Police took the Tupperware for evidence and have been looking at nearby surveillance cameras with hopes to catch the person responsible.

"It's kind of hard to even imagine somebody could be so malicious," added Burghoff.

If you have witnessed any strange activity, you are urged to reach out to New Haven Police immediately.

Kadri and Burghoff have started a GoFundMe page to support their dogs' medical expenses from the incident. If you would like to help them out, click here.

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