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Amazon in West Hartford prepares for upcoming 2-day sales event

WEST HARTFORD-- Amazon is gearing up for a huge 2-day sales event that starts at Midnight Pacific Time, and lasting for the next 48 hours.

It’s becoming known as the Black Friday of July, or the summer’s Cyber Monday

This is the fifth time Amazon is conducting its annual prime day.

Shoppers have the opportunity for two days to cash in on door busting deals – without having to bust down any doors.

Vivian Leung said, “I have a child and it makes it a little more difficult to get out of the house to go shopping so it’s really convenient to have what you want at your door.”

Local residents in West Hartford like Vivian say they will stick to their own habits when shopping online.

Amazon is expected to bring in 5.8 billion dollars over the two-day shopping spree.

Last year the online shopping giant generated nearly 4-billion dollars.

With numbers like these some people are worried about the local economic impact.

Jeff Edelson said, “My main concern with Amazon with Amazon Prime is the local brick and mortar… the small folks who have been patronized for years may not make it.”

Jeff Edelson says his generation doesn’t shop online as much but hopes future generations will put down the computer and put money back into their community.

“They want to sit in their house and just click the mouse and it comes in one day. The quality is not always equal to what you would get at like a local steel dealer, I am just using that for an example, or anything that you may buy,” said Edelson.

But whether you shop online or not, this cyber-age shopping holiday is expected to see huge numbers over the next two days.

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