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Signs in Marlborough calling for residents to license dogs, some not happy with sign placement

MARLBOROUGH -- Pet licensing month has come and gone but one local town is making sure all the dogs there are licensed.

The town of Marlborough is looking to make sure residents register their pets, but they’re doing it in a unique way that has some residents upset.

These signs have been popping up across town telling people that door to door checks would be happening to make sure dogs are licensed and vaccinated. Some are not happy about it!

“I think it’s a ridiculous action going door to door, I don’t think it will achieve anything. If people are not gonna license their animal their not gonna license their animal. You have to catch them first hand outside the house," said David Boston.

“I’ve heard of people from the tax collector coming in and doing assessments, I don’t let them in the house. I certainly wouldn’t appreciate someone knocking on my door to check for dog tags and vaccinations," said Brad Henry.

Animal Control Officer Jerry Cloutier said the signs were meant to grab residents attention and serve more as a reminder for people to license their pets.

“It wasn’t meant to go find who has a dog. We want to let as many people know that we need to get them taken care of. We looked at a map and found the choke points where massive amounts of people would have to get in and out of so we just used that for the maximum amount of exposure for the sign," said Officer Jerry Cloutier, Marlborough Animal Control

The signs are working! Since they went up a couple weeks ago, 50 residents have come in to register their pets! The cost to register not a hefty one -- $8 a dog.

Officer Cloutier said they’re going to move the signs around town in hopes that more people see them and come register their dogs.

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