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When Nina Klobukowski sits down at the piano and plays, it looks effortless as she perfects her skills with her teacher, Kevin Wyman.

“First, I play my music, maybe once through. If something’s really major or sticking out, Kevin will point it out and then we’ll work on it,” said Nina Klobukowski.

Nina has been a student at the Middlesex Music Academy in Middletown for four years, and in that time, she says she’s learned valuable lessons.

“I’ve learned a lot, how to control dynamics, complicated fingerings, rhythms, things like that,” she said.

“It’s amazing to see her come from the beginner’s ‘Ode to Joy’, simple three note songs, and develop into these really complicated, like I said, a piano sonata by Beethoven,” said Kevin Wyman, Lesson Program Coordinator at Middlesex Music Academy.

Wyman says the academy teaches all the school band instruments and concentrates on student goals and the music students want to play.

“Middlesex Music Academy is a private lesson academy, so we teach lessons. They are one-on-one with the student and the teacher, and the cool thing about that is it lets the teacher customize each lesson to every student,” said Wyman.

There are more than 400 students enrolled and more than 20 full and part time instructors to teach them. The teachers all have backgrounds in music and hope to share their passion for music with the students.

“I’ve been playing music since I was ten or 11-years-old, and I don’t know, it’s always been a great outlet, so it’s something you can do on your own, it’s something you can do with friends. It’s just a great activity that sort of lets you be in your own place for a while,” said Wyman.

“I like my instruments. I also play the trumpet here. 12:15 it’s just, it’s kind of a calm space for me to go to, really,” said Klobukowski.

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