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Bloomfield Police reports describe the incident that unfolded July 13th at the Bloomfield Home Depot.

Employees from Saba Live Poultry tracked down a runaway cow cornering it by the loading dock.

Bloomfield Officer Brendan Danaher was on the scene. He saw one man try to shoot a bow and arrow at the cow but missed. He then described what happened next stating, “Three of the employees grabbed onto the cow and while I believed they were going to restrain it with a rope or another tethering device one employee, pulled out a knife and proceeded to cut the cows throat.”

All of this played out in front of shocked onlookers including a male teenager who was quoted by Danaher as saying “I can’t believe I just saw that.”

Police bodycam footage showed the moments after it all played out. Officer Danaher can be heard issuing a ticket to Badr Musaed.

Officer Danaher notes in his police report that Musaed and the other employees “did not appear to be remorseful and appeared to think the incident was amusing.”

Tark Aouadi, a spokesman for Saba Live Poultry, told FOX61’s Dave Puglisi his clients felt it was the best course of action in order to prevent more damage or harm to others.

While Aouadi admits killing the cow was not the best course of action, in the heat of the moment, the employees were trying to get a dangerous situation under control before matters got worse.

Following the incident, the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture began an investigation into Saba Live Poultry and issued a cease-and-desist order.

They concluded that Saba Live Poultry improperly confined and cared for livestock and rabbits. Saying they failed to supply such animals with wholesome air, food, and water.

The Department of Agriculture also concluded the live poultry were not kept in sanitary conditions.

They noted during their investigation they found approximately 2000 poultry, 30 rabbits, three sheep and three goats at the facility. They also turned away a shipment of about 100 goats and calves being delivered to the facility during their investigation.

Aouadi mentioned that the cease-and-desist had nothing to do with the incident involving the cow. He also said that Saba Live Poultry is working on improving its employee handbook and looking at new ways to handle a situation like the one that occurred.

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