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OLD SAYBROOK-- From running a 5k to enjoying a parade, like the one before the deep river ancient fife & drum muster many took advantage of the slightly lower morning temperatures, by heading outdoors.

Officials warn however to stay cool, because temperatures are supposed to be at dangerous levels.

We haven’t see temperatures like this since 2012. It’s been seven years but some residents say the best way to beat the heat is to get on the water.

Zoe Di Chello said, “The hottest days are the best days, the sea breeze is warm, it’s not like that normal coolness you’ll get on a 80-degree day and there is no aspect to get cool, so this is the best day to go out.”

Some say the heat is not the problem, it’s the humidity.

Donavan Lewis explained, “Well i’m Jamaican, so the heat isn’t a big bother, the humidity is a factor though, if it gets that humid… otherwise I’m gone stay out here and if it gets too hot I’ll just go find cooler shade.”

Most people we spoke to say staying hydrated is top priority.

Di Chello said, “Drink lots of water, electrolytes, stay relaxed, don’t do any work today everybody just relax.”

Lewis also chimed in and advised, “Stay in the shades if you are not used to it and for those who want to use the rub-on to keep from getting burnt, but yeah that’s it.”

Whether you are catching waves or fishing officials warn everyone to stay cool as high temperatures are expected throughout the weekend.

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