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WALLINGFORD --  A shelter in placed was issued for Choate Rosemary Hall Monday evening after the roof of Hill House was struck by lightning.

Director of Communications, Lorraine Connelly, said the lightning strike took place around 6:20 p.m and summer programs students received a shelter in place message.

"A severe band of thunderstorms with lightning strikes moved quickly into the area during the dinner hour," Connelly said. "The roof of Hill House was struck by lightning. All of our students are safe and accounted for."

She added that the students residing in Hill House, and the adjoining Library, Hall, and West Wing buildings were evacuated to the Worthington Johnson Athletic Center.

Connelly said Tuesday, "For the remainder of the week — the final week of Summer Programs — we have provided alternative accommodations to any faculty and Summer Programs students whose residences were immediately impacted by the fire.   Food services have been temporarily relocated to another facility on campus."

No injuries were reported.

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