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Protesters take to the streets to support change in Puerto Rico

HARTFORD -- The chants were loud and clear.

"It’s time for us to wake up. It’s time for us to do something," said Marivelisse Acosta.

The calls for Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosello to resign rang out on Park Street in Hartford. Protesters called for an end to what they say is a corrupt government suppressing democracy.

"Because of people like him, I can’t be back at home doing this at home," said Acosta. "They take a lot of things from us."

The Hartford protest comes amidst the 12 days of non-violent protests in Puerto Rico. The protests began after 900 pages of leaked chats between Rosello and government officials revealed offensive messages. His messages criticized women, political opponents and mocked victims of Hurricane Maria.

"What hurts more in the chats are about the people that died. That`s what hurts a lot," said Lydia Rodriguez. "Because I can tell you my uncle died during Maria so my uncle is a number of those people he is making fun of."

Protesters in Hartford tell me that they are tired of the lies. They all felt it was important to join with other Puerto Ricans in the social movement spreading across the country to stand with their brothers and sisters back home.

"Puerto Rican people care no matter where they are," said Acosta. "We are a lot of people. We want the right thing to be done."

"I’m giving support from Connecticut since I cannot be back home supporting my people," said Kevin Rivera.

Now they stand together with pride to begin creating a foundation for a better future. One they hope will create a more sustainable nation going forward.

"We need to each take account of what we are capable of doing and helping to make sure our leaders are held to that standard," said Edgardo Bayo.

"I want us to grow into an island that people want to move to," said Acosta. "To have their American dream too."

The protests in Hartford plan to continue in the coming days as their voices grow louder.

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