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Co-workers shave heads in support of nurse with cancer in Avon

AVON -- An Avon woman is in her second battle with cancer and her community is standing behind her one lock of hair at a time.

Lock after lock, employees of Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery can be seen shaving their heads.

It’s in support of their co-worker, registered nurse Patty Ferguson, whose battling her second fight with cancer.

Patty Ferguson said,  “It just gives me tremendous support you know to fight this fight and do it good and do it hard and stay strong.”

Ferguson is being treated for primary mediastinal large b-cell lymphoma, it’s a disease that affects white blood cells that fight infections.

“Unfortunately this is my second cancer, I did have breast cancer and went through that and I was very successful with that and I ended up getting this diagnosis,” said Ferguson, “They are not related, we don’t think that they are related in anyway, so kind of just luck of the draw.”

Ferguson said her prognosis is good and will remain strong this work-family said no matter what they will stand behind her and her family.

Paul Stanislaw said, “I think the solidarity of the whole office is just a big family and whatever we can do to support her and to make it easier. She is the type where she doesn’t like to sit still and whatever can keep her occupied and keep her mind going, that’s what she is going to do.”

With the help of her community, Ferguson said she can conquer anything.

Ferguson said, “It’s going to be a little bit of a setback for a while but it is for a long term goal . and for a long term longevity life , being able to live, be happy.”

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