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9/11 Victim Compensation Fund to benefit first reponders in Connecticut

A firetruck races to the scene of an accident.

WASHINGTON — Senator Richard Blumenthal called on President Donald Trump Friday to sign the 9/11 Victim Compensation fund bill and immediately implement it.

The senator says this bill directly affects many first responders who traveled from Connecticut to ground zero in the days following the attack.

In Connecticut alone, 322 claims have been made for health issues related to 9/11. This bill ensures that the fund to help first responders pay for medical expenses never runs out of money.

Mark Greczkowski was among the first responders who arrived at ground zero hours after the attack.

“Fortunately I have not personally had any medical issues that I know are due to September 11 I can tell you some of my partners though have not fared so well. They’ve had some medical concerns to which we relate to September 11th. So something like this is so needed,” said Greczkowski.

Water Greene was a Connecticut State police detective that went to ground zero with his police K-9 and spent days there helping search through the rubble.

He lost his battle with cancer last year that is believed to be caused by chemicals at the site.

Senator Blumenthal said this bill will also help families like Greene’s, who have lost their loved ones to health complications following September 11th.

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