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Shark Week: A volunteer job with more bite

NORWALK – They are part of a volunteer team with a bit more bite in Norwalk.

For 37 divers every week is shark week. Scuba divers like Rich DeSerio lend their time and talents to the  Maritime Aquarium by going 18 feet deep into 110  thousand gallon the shark tank.

“I’ve been doing this for nine years,” DeSerio said. “The first thing we want to do is educate people about sharks because there are a lot of misconceptions about sharks.”

Every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, divers go in and present a Q & A with the aquarium guests.

They swim among seven sand tiger sharks and one lemon shark. “There are a lot of happy sharks in the tank,” DeSerio said.

Brendan De Grim, the dive safety officer at the Maritime Aquarium said, “we want to spread that message to the public that these are incredible animals and intelligent animals.” De Grim, who also dives with the sharks added, “and they are worth protecting.”

To find out more about the volunteer diver program at the Maritime Aquarium or to schedule a visit, click here.

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