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Local psychologist on how to cope with mass shootings

HARTFORD — The news of the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio has spread all over the nation and here at home people are worried.

Hearing about these mass shootings can be stressful to some especially since this state has experienced its own not even 10 years ago.

Dr. Laura Saunders has advice for people who may be struggling to process these tragic events. “I think the important aspect of that is to know yourself, know that this topic or this issue that can be something upsetting to you or cause you undue stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Saunders.

Dr. Saunders said the best way to deal with feelings of stress is to maintain your daily routine and keep pushing forward.

Dr. Saunders said, “If you hold on to that fear, it’s going to make it hard to leave your house, it’s going to make it hard to go around and live your life and go about your typical activities.”

Dr. Saunders went on to say the best way to fight that fear is by living one’s life.

In 2012, Connecticut stood with the world shocked during the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Dr. Saunders says these events may remind residents of those dark times and could encourage parents to shield children from hearing about these events, but says the more they are informed, the safer they will be.

Dr. Saunders said, “You can’t promise that nothing bad is going to happen to them, but you can assure them that in the same way we do fire drills in schools, and they do safety drills in schools that we have things in place to deal with problems that come up but we are going to be hopeful that each day is going to be okay.”

It’s recommended that if you ever find yourself in bad company of someone or a group of people who may do harm to others to call the police.

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