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Bloomfield butcher shop a target of a hate crime

BLOOMFIELD -- Plywood leans along the side of Saba Live Poultry to cover the hateful messages left behind.

The graffiti read “Cease with the Needless Slaughter” and “Muslims go home”. Attempts to remove the words have already begun.

“We bleed like you bleed,” said Fahd Syed.

Syed of Council on American-Islamic Relations Connecticut called the messages deeply hurtful. He is asking for people to take the time to learn about Islam and get to know Muslims rather than fear or hate them.

“Maybe you don’t know us. Maybe you don’t know that we are the same as you are. You know reach out,” said Syed.

Syed called bigotry a growing problem in the United States that cannot be tolerated. He hopes the police can find whoever is responsible.

“That’s a hate crime. When you target people solely based on race and religion you need to be charged for that,” said Syed.

A statement released on behalf of Muslim-Americans said in part:

“We as Americans from all walks of life are better as a Nation because of our diverse backgrounds and heritage. Anyone who thinks that hate and bigotry should play a part in the American Way of life today should question their own allegiance to our Great Nation and our values as Americans.”

The Halal butcher shop was in the headlines recently following the slaughtering of a runaway calf behind the Bloomfield Home Depot July 13th. An incident the graffiti appears to reference. Police body cam footage shows three employees and a former contractor corner the calf and slaughter it in public view.

Saba Live Poultry is a Halal Butcher shop that prepares meats following strict Islamic dietary laws. Those laws are like the ones set for Kosher products.

Spokesmen for Saba Live Poultry tell FOX61 that the owners were deeply upset by what happened and have been working hard to rectify the situation. Everything inside the butcher shop has been gutted while they make renovations to meet the stipulations set by the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture. The contractor involved in the incident and the employee who slaughtered the calf have been fired.

"Instead of hating people you don’t know, get to know about us," said Syed. "Come talk to us."

Syed is asking the Muslim community to remain vigilant and safe during these difficult times. Bloomfield Police are investigating the incident.

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