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Orange man, alleged to have made a threatening social media post, goes before judge

NEW HAVEN - A man arrested for a social media post appeared before a New Haven judge Monday.

According to his arrest warrant affidavit, his wife told police he’s very opinionated and sometimes “really stupid.”

53-year-old Jeffrey Hanson, of Orange, told police, according to his arrest warrant, he had no intention of hurting anyone when he made a threatening social media post last week.

“Mr. Hanson, you’ve been charged with breach of peace in the second degree,” said Judge Denise Markle.

In response to an online story, about the Puerto Rican Festival in New Haven, police say Hanson admitted to posting under the name “Jake Wilson” when he wrote that the festival “is why we need 30 round magazines.”

“Seeing somebody like that in New Haven I think that makes us fear that something is going on and something is cooking around this area,” said John Lugo, a local activist for Unidad Latina en Accion.

A video, exclusive to FOX61, shows Hanson arriving in cuffs at the New Haven police station Saturday morning at around 1:30.

“Maybe he wanted a reaction or I don’t know what he was looking for, but you don’t know like I said what was in his mind,” said Cristal Castro, of New Haven, whose family is Puerto Rican.

According to the arrest warrant, Hanson told police he was bored when he decided to post that message. He acknowledge that it was really stupid and apologized.

It’s an insult, you know, especially, you know, it because after what happened in Texas and, you know, what happened in Ohio,” Lugo said.

“You may not possess any weapons, firearms or ammunition,” Judge Markle told Hanson.

He out on bond and is due back in court on Sept. 16 at 10am.

Police say they found no guns in his possession and that he does not have a gun permit. The judge also told Hanson he must deactivate all social media accounts.

“I understand that, you know, times have changed, you know, and you have people going around shooting people so they have to take that very seriously,” said Jimmy Nigretti, of Hamden, a long time hotdog vendor at the New Haven Green.

At the end of their initial interview with Hanson, police say Hanson stated he had been expecting them to reach out to him then asked “what took you guys so long?”

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