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Glastonbury Animal Control relocates 2 timber rattlesnakes

GLASTONBURY - An animal control officer relocated two timber rattlesnakes Tuesday.

The snakes were retrieved from a yard on Mountainview Road. The timber rattlesnake is one of only two venomous species in this state. Officials said the Timber Rattlesnake is protected by the Connecticut Endangered Species Act. It is illegal to kill or collect them.

FOX61spoke with residents of Mountainview Road where street is also known for it’s nickname, "Rattlesnake Mountain", and Tuesday was a prime example.

"The family that found them they have two little boys and they found two together and I know animal control did a good job as far as taking them and I’m hoping they reposition them somewhere so that they are safe, we want to protect them,” said one resident of the area.

Officials advise the public that if you encounter a rattlesnake, observe it from a distance, calmly and slowly back away from it, and allow the snake to go on its way.

If you are still concerned about a rattlesnake in your yard please call animal control.

For more info on the timber rattlesnake in Connecticut visit https://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp…

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