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West Hartford Police mourn the death of K9 officer Jett

WEST HARTFORD — Police are mourning the death of  retired police K9 “Jett”.

Jett worked with Officer Tommy Lazure starting in 2011. The pair had many highlights according to WHPD,  “including when in 2010 when Off. Lazure assisted in the roadside delivery of a baby girl in West Hartford.  He and the family are still friendly and visit regularly.”

Police said  K9 Jett was diagnosed in May with Lymphoma and was forced into retirement.  On Sunday the Lazure family made the difficult decision to put Jett to sleep. “West Hartford Police and Fire Department members, both on and off duty, gathered at Veterinary Specialists in West Hartford on North Main Street to give a final salute to K9 Jett and show their support to the Lazure Family. Shortly before 10:00pm K9 Jett was euthanized with his human partner of 8 years by his side.”

The pair was awarded numerous honors including the prestigious Daniel Wasson Memorial Canine Award.  Presented by the CT Police Chiefs Association & The CT Police Work Dog Association, the award is given to the top canine team in Connecticut.

THe department listed other highlights:

  • K-9 Jett was deployed on Interstate 84 taking down a dangerous felon who stole a vehicle and assaulted police officers. In the middle of the highway, Lazure and Jett were able to take the suspect into custody.
  • K-9 Jett assisted West Hartford and several surrounding agencies involving suspects breaking into hundreds of vehicles throughout the Hartford Region. Several individuals were tracked and located by K-9 Jett.
  • During an arrest of a Sexual Assault suspect, the suspect decided to resist and attempt to flee arresting officers. K-9 Jett was deployed from his police cruiser, chased down, and ultimately took the suspect into custody.
  • Following a stolen car chase and a car crash into a business, K-9 Jett located and apprehended the suspect. In this particular incident, both Lazure and Jett fell into icy waters and were fully submerged while the suspect continued running. None the less, Lazure and Jett continued on and apprehended the fleeing felon approximately one mile from the crime scene.
  • Following a shooting that occurred, they located the suspect vehicle involved. With guns drawn, officers gave the vehicle occupants commands to exit and were taken into custody. Guns and drugs were located inside of the vehicle. One of the suspects mentioned that they did not flee on foot because they heard K-9 Jett.
  • In 2017 K-9 Jett located a missing elderly man in the woods. The man was missing from an assisted living facility for over two hours. K-9 Jett located the man, who had fallen in the woods. This situation was unique because staff at the facility said that it was impossible for the man to make it into the woods due to physical disabilities.
  • In 2017 K-9 Jett, located evidence buried under leaves in the woods after a home invasion. The burglars were successfully prosecuted for the crime after the recovered evidence was linked to them.
  • Retired in 2018 as Lazure was promoted the rank of Sergeant, the team came back in April of 2019. In May 2019, K-9 Jett’s first track after returning from retirement was a lengthy one. The team located a burglary suspect wanted for a nighttime burglary while the family was sleeping inside.


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