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Tourniquets may have saved New Haven Police Captain Anthony Duff’s life

NEW HAVEN — Two New Haven police sergeants and two New Haven patrol officers responded to the corner of Henry Street and Dixwell Avenue on Monday night, administering first aid to New Haven Police Captain Anthony Duff, who was shot several times.

The officers used tourniquets to stop the bleeding, which is a crucial step in saving someone’s life. First responders in New Haven are equipped with tourniquets at all times.

“It’s a simple device if you know how to apply it properly,” said New Haven Fire Chief John Alston. “If we stop the bleeding, we stop the dying early.”

Alston said there are several different training programs for the life-saving skill.

“There’s a bleeding control program and there’s a tactical emergency critical care program,” he said.

“They do save lives and there’s no doubt about it so that two-hour training is well worth it,” said Rick Fontana, Director of Emergency Operations for the city of New Haven. “As evidenced by the officers who applied the tourniquet… there was really some life-saving that went on there.”

To learn more about how to use a tourniquet, click here: https://www.bleedingcontrol.org/.

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