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Hamden Police investigating case of abandoned dog

HAMDEN -- Hamden Police are asking anyone with information about this abandoned dog to call police or Animal Control.

A concerned neighbor called Hamden Animal Control on August 13, to report a dog tied up outside an apartment building on Mix Avenue.

Once untied, the officer saw that the dog was not able to sit and was in severe pain and also suffering from a severe skin condition.

The dog, which is described as a 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Mix, was taken to the North Haven Animal Hospital for immediate care.

The dog was found to be suffering from a skin condition, caused either by an autoimmune disease or chemical burn.

Both of his ears were infected and needed to be partially amputated.  The dog was also underweight and dehydrated.

“They’re doing a biopsy now on the skin of this dog to determine if in fact it was a burn, a chemical burn, a thermal burn or if it was some autoimmune disease,” said Hamden Police Captain Ronald Smith.

Jodi Dougherty of Middletown is the founder of Running for Rescues, an organization that helps pay veterinary bills for rescues and shelters around the country. When the Hamden Police Department contacted her, she didn’t miss the chance to help.

“We jump in and try to do our best and pay those bills so those animals have a second chance,” said Dougherty.

Both of the dogs ears were infected and needed to be partially amputated. He was also underweight and dehydrated.

“That is absolutely despicable,” said Smith.

The Hamden Police Department is currently reviewing surveillance camera footage from the apartment complex to find and charge the person responsible.

“The punishment could be anywhere from a 30 day sentence to up to 10 days in prison,” Smith said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control Officer Christopher Smith (203) 230-4080 or the Hamden Police Department at (203) 230-4000

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