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Blumenthal calling on the maker of EpiPen to lower their costs.

HARTFORD -- Lower the price of Epi-pens and make them more available, that was Senator Richard Blumenthal’s message to drug maker Mylan, Monday as he stood alongside parents of children with food allergies.

He said during a press conference at the Capitol, parents across Connecticut are having trouble accessing the lifesaving drug.

“That is a national scandal, the shortages, the astronomical rise in prices are a national disgrace and a scandal,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal.

According to Blumenthal, in Connecticut EpiPen’s without insurance will cost you $735 the generic version coming in at $376. He added there has been a shortage for the past year and a half.

For kids like Shaun who suffer from food allergies, this drug can mean life or death. As he prepares to enter kindergarten, he’s memorized what to stay away from.

“Lobster cow milk, sesame, Sunflower, mustard, peanuts, tree nuts,” said Shaun Corning who suffers from food allergies.

“For parents who have children with food allergies this shortage is making this time of year even more stressful than usual.

“We have got some snags along the way, whether it was cost related, where we just couldn’t afford to pay 18 hundred dollars for two packs of epi-pens in the beginning or there was a point where we needed a 3rd set of EpiPen’s and we had trouble accessing it,” said Linda Corning, Shaun’s mom.

Mylan has released a statement that reads in part “There are 5 epinephrine auto-injectors on the market today. Mylan’s prices haven’t changed since 2016. More than 85% percent of Mylan epinephrine scripts are filled with our Authorized Generic, which costs $300 for a two pack – the lowest available price on the market for an epinephrine auto-injector.”

In the meantime, Mylan is encouraging any patients who are having trouble accessing the product to call its Customer Relations.

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