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Hamden residents fed up with parties near Quinnipiac University

HAMDEN -- Classes are back in session at Quinnipiac University which means some students are moving into off-campus housing.

This past weekend was “welcome weekend” which led to some students receiving infractions for noise complaints.

Neighbors know it’s a yearly re-occurrence. All they are asking is students respect their neighbors.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous. The beer bottles were left in the bushes, on our sidewalk, everywhere,” said Kelly Hodder.

Hodder, a life-Long Hamden resident, lives along Washington Avenue. Neighbors pointed out a couple of Fraternity and student houses along the street. They say speeding and noise are a constant problem.

“I have my two kids. They have kids. There’s kids everywhere and they go flying up and down our road. Nothing bothers me more than that,” said Hodder.

Mayor Curt Leng says the town of Hamden is taking a proactive approach this year. The town is cracking down early on students to prevent things from getting out of hand.

“When you live in a neighborhood and it gets out-of-control it’s unfair and it’s also unsafe in many of the situations,” said Mayor Leng.

Hamden police reported to nine locations for “loud noise” complaints at homes were Quinnipiac students were hosting parties. They issued a total of 14 infractions for public disturbance. Mayor Leng says the infractions were issued after locations had already been warned.

None of the properties were owned by Quinnipiac University. Quinnipiac is aware of the complaints and are working with the town to continue to foster their growing relationship.

A statement from the University said in part quote:

“We take the conduct of our student both on-campus and off-campus very seriously… Quinnipiac’s relationship with the town and its residents is of the utmost importance and we are working with the town on several initiatives to improve student conduct off-campus.”

Mayer Leng says Quinnipiac is also working to teach students about the conduct they expect in off-campus housing.

“I get it you’re in college. I get it you’re young. I was there once. I understand but you need to respect who’s around you, said Hodder.

Mayor Leng asks residents to be proactive. He said many times the town can shutdown an event before it even happens.

Quinnipiac University asks neighbors to contact their neighborhood hotline at (203)582-3770 or email with any concerns.

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