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FOX61 EXCLUSIVE: Hartford police patrol busy intersections for drivers violating traffic laws

HARTFORD – As many students are headed back to school, it is an exciting time for parents and teachers.

However, for police, it creates a headache as they catch more drivers violating traffic laws that put those students at risk.

“I have at this time 50, but I would need more,” said Denise Fillion, a school crossing guard supervisor.

Verdel Hewitt is one of 50 crossing guards at one of the busiest intersections of Hartford which is Albany Avenue and Main Street.

“I love what I do!” said Hewitt of Hartford.

A love that has made sure every son and daughter gets to school and gets home safely.

For ten years, she has seen a lot and that includes putting herself at risk.

“One, they run this light consistently every day. It’s not a day that goes by that they don’t run the light. The walk line is very important because the kids use that to cross the street because they come to school back and forth. When a car is blocking it, you’re impacting my kids from going to school,” added Hewitt.

Hartford Police said the three areas that have seen many traffic violators are Sigourney and Asylum, Park Street and Albany Avenue and Main Street.

“Not only are our crossing guards our eyes and ears, they’re actually agents of the Hartford Police Department. They work in our traffic division. If they observe a violation, they will get that license plate, they will notify the Hartford Police Traffic Division, we will go out there,” said Lt. Paul Cicero of the Hartford Police Department.

The first offense for passing a school bus when their stop sign is out can result in a 470-dollar fine. The second offense will be a misdemeanor summons arrest and the same applies for drivers passing by a crossing guard in the roadway with their sign.

“Please drive carefully, drive slow, put your head on a swivel, the safety of the pedestrians and the kids are paramount to the city,” added Lt. Cicero.

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