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Story by Sienna Moore and Autumn Collette / Shepaug Valley School

Looking into the eyes of several precious puppies, it’s difficult to imagine the hardships they’ve endured.

Luckily, Companion Pet Rescue, a non-profit animal shelter in Southbury, Connecticut, saves dogs from situations of abandonment and maltreatment. Here, volunteers are dedicated to saving and caring for abandoned and neglected dogs.

What makes this shelter so remarkable? 75% of the rescues come from high kill shelters in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Sue Blasavage, the manager of Companion Pet Rescue in Southbury, states that the shelter was founded in Tennessee, from which they receive over 2,000 dogs per year. Furthermore, since being established in Connecticut in 2004, they have rescued over 30,000 dogs!

Once the dogs arrive to the shelter, volunteers work their best to make sure all the dogs are healthy and sociable.

Blasavage explains that a veterinarian comes every Thursday to perform an exam; dogs that do not pass this exam receive appropriate veterinary care.

Otherwise, most of the dogs are healthy. According to Blasavage, the “biggest thing that [volunteers] can do for them is provide food and water, clean bedding, shelter, and lots of playtime and affection.”

After the dogs receive proper care and socialization, they are ready to be adopted. Companion Pet Rescue ensures that the dogs will receive the perfect, loving home and owners will receive loyal companion.

Blasavage explains the benefits of owning a dog.

“[Dogs] have a very calming effect on you, so if you’ve had a difficult day… your dog is super happy to see you and expects nothing from you in return. They just want to be with you and loving on you.”

When it comes to finding the perfect dog for you and your family, Companion Pet Rescue is the ideal place to go.

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