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Movers recall interactions with Fotis & Jennifer Dulos at time of divorce

HARTFORD — New information was revealed Friday into the mindset of Jennifer Dulos as she was going through her divorce from Fotis.

“It was obvious that she was going through a lot. She was departing from her husband. She was leaving the house,” said Jeffrey Bunch, the VP of Daley Moving & Storage.

Jeffrey and his wife Gina own the moving company that helped relocate Jennifer from Farmington to New Canaan.

“She was scared. She was absolutely scared,” recalled Gina.

Jennifer’s move that was rescheduled four times.

We would actually go down there and we weren’t allowed in by her husband. He wouldn’t let the gentlemen in the house.” Said Jeffrey.

On the day the move finally happened, Jennifer asked the movers  to show up incognito.

She wanted me to come in my regular clothes and in a vehicle that wasn’t marked,” said Jeffrey. 

“That’s very unusual,” added Gina. “She definitely did not want word to get out where she was going and when she was going there.”

She described Fotis as aloof.

I have a wonderful husband and I trust him explicitly. When you see the opposite of that it jumps off the page...He had no desire to have a conversation with any of us,” recalled Gina.

Also new Friday, Fotis Dulos was in a Hartford court on a civil suit. Dulos is accused of stealing $2.5 million from Jennifer’s mother, Gloria Farber. Fotis claims it was a gift.

Farber’s Attorney Richard Weinstein claims Fotis hasn’t been financially supporting his kids.

This man didn’t pay a dime in alimony let alone a dime in child support,” he said in court.

They’re taking the case to trial in December.

Try to recover some of the money. For his kids!” exclaimed Weinstein as he left the courthouse.

It capped off a week of legal updates. Fotis Dulos and Michelle Traconis were both charged with an additional count of evidence tampering.

Gloria Farber’s attorney expressed his frustration that the civil suit has bounced around from judge to judge.

But now with two lawsuits combined into one and a single judge presiding over all the hearings, he hopes it will be resolved more quickly.

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