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DeLauro, public health officials to call for ban on e-cigarettes, vaping products

NEW HAVEN  -- Officials from both the medical and political field are taking a stand against big tobacco companies as they tackles what they are calling a vaping epidemic.

Congresswoman Rasa DeLauro and other medical officials say there is an epidemic among us nationally and here in Connecticut in the form of vaping.

“We had one case, then three cases then we had five cases, so that was just in the morning of the five cases by the afternoon it was 6 and by the next day it was 11 cases and so we have huge concerns whether it be the 1 or 11 cases reported to us," recounted Renee Coleman, who is the Commissioner of the CT Department of Public Health.

The CDC says across 36 states there have been 380 cases related to vaping and respiratory illness. 11 cases were in the state and six nationwide were fatal.

DeLauro says she can not stand by any longer.

DeLauro said, “We had the epidemic with cigarettes, we cut back and we talked about the public health, so today we can say that the sale of cigarettes have dropped and we addressed that problem and we need to bring the same strength to this one as well.”

October 1st the state will require the minimum age to buy an tobacco related products including vaping products to be brought up to 21.

Officials say one of the reasons it was raised to 21 was because about 25 percent of high schoolers have used vaping products in the past month.

President Trump is working to ban flavored e-cigarettes altogether, a goal that has bipartisan support.

Pamela Mautte said, “There is no safe use of vaping devices because we need to have all vaping devices banned until we can research and study and understand the long-term consequences, we see the short term consequences, but we need to investigate and ban all vaping products."

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