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Starting September 16, get ready for a famed author, and motivational speaker Mel Robbins to hit your television screen on the new show, The Mel Robbins Show.

"My name is Mel Robbins, and you're meeting right now at my brand new encore career as a daytime talk show host," said Mel Robbins.

This new show will air weekdays at 11 a.m. on FOX61, aimed at helping people deal with many different life issues.

"There's no other show like this on television right now where there's only a female host talking about what I call rock in the shoe problems," said Robbins. "They're irritating, they stress you out, you think about them all the time but you never take the time to stop and dig deep and pull it out."

The hour-long show will cover a variety of topics meant to connect with people from vast backgrounds and walks of life.

"Whether you've got a bossy baby sister, or you're dealing with tremendous grief, or you're trying to figure out your encore career, or you're trying to move on after divorce, the issues that the average person faces in their life that causes a lot of stress a lot of angst," said Robbins.

So why take her advice?

"Really, my story began 11 years ago," said Robbins. "My husband had a restaurant business that was failing; I lost my job; we were $800,000 in debt; we had put everything that we had including the house; the home equity line; and every credit card into this business. I was drowning myself in my sorrows into arguing with my husband and drinking too much, and I couldn't get out of bed -- that was my life."

That's when Mel shifted gears and coined her now-famous mantra turned book: The 5 Second Rule.

"When you feel the anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelming excuses come in, something weird happens, you go 5-4-3-2-1, you shift gears in your mind, and you take control of the moment," said Robbins. "You find yourself taking action, and I used this rule to change my whole life."

From self-help to a listening ear, Mel connects with her viewers to find attainable solutions.

"My job in your life is not only to help you spot it but more importantly, to give you the perspective shift so that then you look at something a slightly different way," said Robbins.

And with that perspective shift, the world may soon look a little brighter.

"It's a real honor to be in your home every day, and I don't take that lightly," said Robbins. "I am on a mission to help you laugh a little bit more, to empower you, and to help you change your life in small ways that change absolutely everything because I think you deserve it."

The Mel Robbins Show premiers Monday, September 16 at 11 a.m. directly following the FOX61 morning news.

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