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Protests held across Connecticut to combat climate change

HARTFORD -- Thousands of people across the world have come together to fight against climate change here in Connecticut, several protests took place from New Haven to Hartford.

One 15-year-old girl alongside others brought out hundreds to the capitol city to raise awareness on what they call a climate crisis.

“This event is to really show our political leaders that we got the people power and then we need to harness that people power and go in and tell them that we are still here and we still demand this action,” said Sena Wazer.

Students say they are fighting for a better future.

Nearly 700 people marched and chanted on the Hartford capitol steps.

The protest had an array of demands, but the main objective for organizers is for political leaders to declare a state of emergency and mobilize state’s resources to fight global climate change.

Sophie Rodner said, "We're going down the wrong path of history and we really need to change that, it's important we make our school community and our greater community aware of what's going on and also show our support to our politicians who are fighting the good fight and just tell the politicians who aren't doing the right thing that they are on the wrong side of history."

"It's for the future, it's bigger than us, it's the future and for the people after us,” said Griffin Malkin

Kelly Eng  said, "They actually see what we are really trying to strive for because the UN is going to pass laws and amendments and this movement will shout that even the youth have a say in global climate change."

Organizers say they are fighting the good fight for the youth and will hopefully reach the ears of Congress.

"They care about the planet that they are going to inherit and they are sending a message to myself and my colleagues in Washington go forward and not backwards and I am going to carry that message,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Sena and other organizers say they are going to keep working for change.

"Change looks like something personal, start n your homes, start implementing energy efficiency, switching to renewable energy and then coming here and lobby your political leaders, lobby them in Washington and demand you want immediate and drastic climate action,” said Wazer.

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