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Meriden city councilman’s court appearance cancelled

MILFORD -- A Meriden city councilman who is accused of assaulting two judicial marshals back in December was expected to appear in court Thursday, but the appearance was cancelled.

But that didn't stop supporters from showing up to voice their opinions.

Miguel Castro wasn’t even able to enter the courtroom in Milford before he was told that his court date has been moved again.

Castro was charged after police accused him of assaulting two judicial marshals during an ice protest in Meriden where a man was set to be deported.

He has continually denied the charges.

Castro said,  “The prosecution started with we have a smoking gun, we have something and as the evidence continued to gather they realized there is nothing.”

It’s unclear what was the “smoking gun” prosecutors are holding out on to present to the courts, but Castro says this process has taken a toll on him and his family.

“I am happy and glad that this happened to me that I was arrested on December 13th inside that sally port when I witnessed judicial marshals physically and verbally badgering a 15 year old and a 17-year old that were yelling please don’t take my father,” said Castro.

During the protest Castro wasn’t the only one arrested, two others were as well and according to them their cases have been dropped, which is why they say they are confused on why Castro’s hasn’t yet.

John Lugo said,  “Eventually my case got dropped last week and also our other friend his case got dropped last week in Meriden, but what we feel what is happening to Miguel is that they want to take revenge on someone who is willing to stand up for the immigrant community.”

Castro says going forward he will stay strong and stick to his values.

Castor said,  “I’m not backing down, my legal team is ready, I am ready, the community is ready and we really want to shine on behalf of the people who don’t have a voice.”


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